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About Terra Creativa


New Media Digital Sales House

We use the most advanced technology to show display ads on the basis of analytical studies and ComScore TNS Gallop Media.

Your business is very important to us. This means that we will offer you the most flexible terms and a high level of service at a special price.

Our relations with partners and clients are absolutely transparent. We strive to share information and to help with realization of the most effective solutions.

We love to create and invent. We aim to think different and offer unconventional solutions. It is the original approach, that will help you stand out among the rest and achieve your goal with maximum efficiency. Your interests are our top priority.

Мы оказываем следующие услуги:
• Реклама на тематических площадках лидерах
• Сетевое размещение (тематические охватные пакеты)
• Нестандартная реклама (Weborama etc.)
• Спецпроекты (кросс-проекты+социальные сети)
• PR поддержка, конкурсы, игровые механики etc.
• Производство 3D рекламных материалов
• Маркетинговые отчеты – системы анализа аудитории
(статистика, исследования, аналитические отчеты)