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  • Chelsea Lee Gilbert
  • Chelsea Lee Gilbert 19 апреля
  • Great idea and style. :) Out of all things in the universe, to me, the most beautiful is the interstellar gas. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eagle_Nebula#/media/File:Eagle_Nebula_4xHubble_WikiSky.jpg Chemicals found in that cloud "include a molecule thought to be a precursor to key components of DNA, and that amino acids can 'seed' newly-formed planets with the chemical precursors for life," Looking at it brings up the massive timescale of our universe: "Images taken with the Spitzer Space Telescope uncovered a cloud of hot dust in the vicinity of the Pillars of Creation that one group interpreted to be a shock wave produced by a supernova. The appearance of the cloud suggests a supernova would have destroyed it 6000 years ago. Given the distance of roughly 7000 light years to the Pillars of Creation, this would mean that they have actually already been destroyed, but because of the finite speed of light, this destruction is not yet visible on Earth, but should be visible in about 1000 years." :) Awesome project, i love space.