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International search for Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto

We will work together with detective agencies from the USA, Japan, Russia and UK More
We will work together with detective agencies from the USA, Japan, Russia and UK

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  • Karl Johansson
  • Karl Johansson 20 February
  • Hello my name is Karl Erik Yate Johansson and I came up with the name of Bitcoin and teen points like I would call them one point was peer to peer. When I first came up with the Idea of Bitcoin was when I was on Mcdonalds with my mother I was a little child and wanted to save the world. I remember exactly the location in Mcdonalds where I was in my little stroller that was the first time I came up with the Idea I wanted to save the world because I was in love with a young woman there. I thought my mind had much power so I wished that she should not age. It seems to be true when I was a young man she was there sometimes after that she seemed not to have aged. After that my first encounter with my thought about Bitcoin in Macdonalds as a child I was in my home and was looking at TV at a movie called The Blues Brothers and when I saw the movie with my grandmother and my grandfather who I got a vision from where I don't know but I was shown in the vision the group of Lord RayEL I was not happy to get to know Lord RayEL by that vision it felt like someone was messing with my integrity like someone was invading my private space I got angry and wanted to put sticks in the wheel and that was with the Idea that again come up to me Bitcoin but I got a vision again from a future facebook comment from a woman in the Eucomenical order of Christ named Kelly Patrick she wrote something in the future that got me angry I don't really remember what she wrote about that made me angry but I wanted to create Bitcoin as a answer to something with Lord RayEL group that made me angry as a older child but not a teenager. Many years later I became secretly in love with a woman on Macdonalds called Emma but I had alredy an ex girlfriend Nicky Reisch who dumped me who after that became with an 40 year old man called Frederik Erik Ruppel. And I knew that antoher young man called Christoffer wanted Emma so bad. Emma and Christoffer became a couple. The urge to be better than Christoffer came to mind and the Idea and urge to save the world again came to me so I got the Idea Bitcoin again. At the same time I wanted to honor Emma who I think turned white in my face when I ate a chicken burger that she came to me with. I thought ''now I am going to be friendly'' and I looked up at Emma who was behind me at a ladder skin was white like a white paper her eyes was black with now light blue color in them like she had withe in them yes so she was not like the girl I once met who had totaly black eyes I think they are called ''black eyed kids'' in USA. But Emma was like frozen at the ladder and stared down at me. I looked down at my burger and was quite scared. But I wanted to honor Emma for my love for her and do something about my thought that ''I wanted to do something good or friendly in sweden it is called ''(nu ska jag vara snäll)'' So after that I found a site that a man had who I gaved my ten point to how to create Bitcoin the man was portaying himself as a genius who had a master degree in many areas or something like that I wrote to him about my Idea about Bitcoin and that we must call us Satoshi Nakamoto and that he as the leader of the project could do it if he was up for it. I even gaved him my email adress I bought something with that adress for 200 dollars think I don't remember exactly I think with another name then my own name or the name Satoshi Nakamoto I think I came up with a name that sounded Arabic or something what I bought was something like a little thing that is with a camera that you can take photos with. I think I was angry and wanted to spend money on a roulette program called raptor to predict how to win at roulette. But I was not allowed to buy it because I was on a low budget. But I had these money So I bought it and I think as a revenge I sent it to my neighbor yeah I know I was young and my feelings got overhand of me. My neigbor seemed to like it when it came to my neighbor. So my neighbor sent a package to me with a new photo camera device I think just like that I bought to my neighbor secretly. Anyhow the man with the homepage asked the reader of his homepage this question ''What shall I do with my life now? and I gaved him the Idea of Bitcoin and what I called the 10 points that he should follow llike point nr 1 create a peer to peer system and point nr 2 and so forth I don't remember in what order they was in and what the 10 points where all about. It was some ears ago I did this and I don't use a diary I just saying my own truth about what I can recall from my memory. I remember I should create a ''white papter'' so I google just for the sake of quriosity '' white paper'' on google and found out that a woman before me come up with a plan to do a white paper and help the world in that way.I god angry and thought no one and I mean no one humiliate me. And this woman comes up with a white paper and with an Idea about how an economy should be in the future? I felt humiliated for I thought that she only had came up with an Idea and not brought it out I just felt she come up with some Ideas that not had become real. Now I was determent to make my Idea into reality. I knew that the man with the homepage should have some help with him so I said two names out of the blue I just got the names in my mind like as if I was possessed by something I think I was possessed by something what entity I don't know I think it was black goo. I looked at a youtube video about the Antichrist at the same time. I got so scared that I wanted to save people in South America from starving and not being saved. I thought because I was just seeng woman who had died with her bible on her for starvation when she tried to go from South America to USA. I thought she looks like my mother I can't handle this no more. I my Idea of Bitcoin became more complex. I wanted bitcoin to get the South Americans a chance to become Christian to belive in the Jesus Christ and GOD. So they whould be saved and go to heaven. I wanted them to get Bitcoin so that they could get food so the could get some time to repent and get saved. By the way I was like sometimes I thought I had telephatic abilities with some force or intelligence that made me have visions and I used it what I remember to think up somethings what Satoshi Nakamoto would write down. I can have been used by NSA or something else more sinister or I can have been used by the GOD I don't know but even if NSA or the dark powers that be used me I used my talent for what I thought was good and what I thought could help people In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the plan of GOD. I remember that I got angry at the man with the homepage. Becasue I just got the thought that he wanted to call himself Satoshi Nakamoto and take all credit for creating Bitcoin. I thought it was unfair I was the one in my mind who came up with the Idea of Bitcoin and the ten points. So I searched on google and found a site for hackers. I wrote to them in the chat they had and I wrote something like ''please listen to me I am giving away an Idea about something I call Bitcoin and this man I give away my Idea to will probably take all credit by himself please dox this email adress I gave him I am dead serious''. I did not use something to save as proof and I did not save files or something that can prove what I am saying here. Because I thought something would go wrong if I did. Thank you all for reading my truth about what I remember has happened in my life. I think it is very imporant information. Regards Karl.
  • Алексей Билькевич
  • Алексей Билькевич 13 September
  • Здравствуйте! Проект я поддержал, но у меня вопросов, больше чем ответов. Самый главный вопрос: Зачем? Ребята, зачем Вы его ищите? German, вот Вы пишите, что Вы юрист, неужели Вы не понимаете, что если Сатоши окажется простым человеком и Вы его найдете, Вы его просто подставите под удар! Вы понимаете что его могут просто убить после этого??? Вы пишите что Вы великий крипто-энтузиаст, так и занимайтесь криптовалютой, торгуйте, рекламируйте, обсуждайте. Сообщество пережило уже не один форк битка и прекрасно живет дальше. Зачем Вам Сатоши? Да, лежит 1млн битков на счетах и пусть лежит, Вам до них какое дело, Вы понимаете что они ему просто не нужны? Не нужно искать Сатоши! Своими поисками Вы только навредите сообществу и навлечете беду на создателя/лей битка. Вы его просто не найдете...