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Книга-каталог редких советских пластинок "Soviet Groove"
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02 сентября

Известный DJ из Берлина интересующийся и любящий советскую музыкальную культуру поддержал наш проект на своей страничке
DJ Scientist https://www.facebook.com/djscientist1

Funkofun aka Dimitry is one of the most serious collectors of Soviet Groove records and many of you might have noticed and seen some of his videos on his youtube channel. He has now started a kickstarter project about his book where he will reveal all of his knowledge. Without a doubt, this book could be something like a bible for Soviet record collectors!
Unfortunately, the kickstarter project is only available on a Russian page and therefore it will be difficult to support for anyone who cannot read and understand the language. Anyhow, check out the page – there is some information about the book in English as well (translated by Google):

Его микс и интервью НИЖЕ!

We are proud to announce the release of the brand new episode of Ninja Tune‘s Solid SteelRadio, this time selected, mixed and provided by our very own, DJ Scientist!

What makes this mix truely unique is DJ Scientist‘s obsession to find and use only the rarest grooves for his mixes. Grooves that might even take years to find and finally put together in a mix.

Specifically, on his Solid Steel mix he selected music solely recorded from former Soviet Union releases.

“It’s the most dedicated mix I have done so far as it solely features music from the former Soviet Union which took years of research.” (DJ Scientist).

For complete info about this mix, please read the Press Info below the soundcloud player.

Enjoy and share y’all!

Press Info:

Solid Soviet Steel Radio (SSSR) is a special guest mix for Solid Steel by DJ Scientist that solely features music from the former Soviet Union. The dedicated record collector, disc jockey and label owner from Berlin managed to unearth and put together an extensive and fascinating selection of tracks from countries like the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldavia, Russia and more, resulting in one of the most exciting and unique music adventures you may have heard in a while.

More than that, to make it even more special, this first lesson in a series of other Soviet mixes by DJ Scientist is dedicated to tracks by so-called VIA bands. VIA is an abreviation for Vocal Instrumentalis Ansamblis or Vocal Instrumental Ensemble which was basically the synonym for pop groups in the Soviet communist states throughout the 70s. Many of these groups managed to create their own kind of sound, mixing western styles like Jazz, Funk and Rock with traditional music from their own countries. For example, very unique vocal harmonies can be heard in VIAs such as Iverya (Georgia) or Gaya (Azerbaijan).

[img class=“alignnone” src=“http://press.e-q-x.net/dj_scientist/pictures/dj_scientist_02_by_marie_chatard_px430.jpg” alt="" width=“430” height=“287”>

Additional Info:
All tracks have been recorded from original vinyl from the Soviet state label “Melodia” (Melody) and have been mixed and edited with Serato Scratch Live and Cubase. Special thanks to Tom Sky of Black Pearl Records (for Bayan Mongol) and Sven Cosmique. The track “Tiflis” by VIA 75 was used from a wrongly pitched mp3 version downloaded via sovietgroove.com as the available flexi disc version was of weaker quality.
Some of the bands appearing in the mix cannot clearly be labeled as VIAs. Rero for example usually was an instrumental group and has been called “Variety Orchestra”. However, on the track “Come Outside” they play together with a vocal group. Technically speaking, the famous “Rude-Paparude” by Maria Kodrianu is not a straight VIA track too, as Kodrianu was a well known solo singer from Moldavia. However, here she is backed by one of the funkiest grooves, played by a VIA that was lead by A. Mordkowicha.

The artwork is taken from the cover of the Soviet youth magazine Krugozor issue 11/72.

Here is some early feedback:

“I just finished listening to the mix and it’s REALLY GREAT!!”

DJ Format

“The most comprehensive run through of VIA records I’ve seen. The effort put into this mix shouldn’t be sneezed at. I’ve travelled to Russia and thought I had it all down pat until I heard this. I’m very impressed, and this might just be the “international mix of the year” in my books!”
DJ Sheep / Australia

„Killer mix!“
Tom Sky / Black Pearl Records

“Killer strictly soviet groove vinyl mix by DJ Scientist on Solid Steel Radio including the best funky cuts by Nerija, Eolika, VIA 75 and many many more! Spreading the amazing legacy of soviet funk worldwide! Deeply recommended!”
Soviet Grooves Facebook Page

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22 августа

Soviet grooves all over the globe!
Коллекционер и популяризатор советского грува Дмитрий “Funkofun” Кузнецов собирает средства на издание каталога редких советских грувовых пластинок на бумстартере.
#SmokeSpot приглашает коллекционеров и диджеев поддержать этот проект – приходите к нам с чемоданом пластинок, делитесь грувом с гостями Smokespot Club на ул. Олеко Дундича, и в каждый такой вечер 20% нашей выручки будет уходить в поддержку проекта!
Просим репоста!!!

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20 августа

Хотите стать соавтором моей книги или помочь мне в поисках? 

Присоединяйтесь, становитесь не только спонсором проекта, погрузитесь в тему и вам будет что послушать и что вспомнить.

ОСЕНЬЮ 2013 выходят мои обзоры “TOP 20 Soviet Groove records”, а так же мое интервью в японских изданиях 

А также будет переведена моя книга-каталог 


Любопытные и музыкальные Японцы будут переводить ее на свой язык.

Мои единомышленники из Японии согласились за свой счет сделать ряд публикаций, после которых выставили мне предложение о получении fee с продаж этих печатных изданий.

Последняя встреча состоялась в Москве 27 июля

Знакомьтесь, KAJI. Любитель советского кино и помощник редактора Chisari.

Эти ребята, как и вы готовы поддерживать мой проект!

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20 августа

За 2 дня на мой проект откликнулось 7 человек. Спасибо за поддержку!