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12 марта

Let’s save the Pyalmariver!

The river Pyalma flows in Pudozskiy region of Karelia. It is one of the largest rivers of the region,it has many side streams, huge catchment-basin, it falls flowing into the Onega lake.OntheshoreoftheriverPyalmaa township andanancientvillagewith the same name are situated. In regional ethnographers opinion, the village has been established more than 5 hundred years ago. Archeologistsfoundoutthe evidences of aboriginal encampments along the river. ThevillagePyalmasaveda historical face of traditional village of Pudogain the picturesque natural environment. Inhabitants love Pyalmariver for the fishery (salmon,trout, grayling, pike) and the quality of water. ButloggingintheSoviettimesandcommercial cuttings couldn’t help having influence on wealth of the river.

Nowadays we have an opportunity to help inhabitants to save the river and the forests along it.


Wearetheconservationorganization «СПОК», andweworkon uncovering and saving the frontier forests in Karelia and Vologda region.Howwecanhelpinsavingfrontierforests? –we hold a parley with therentersofforests, forgeagreementsto stop cutting, at the same time we launch surveys of the territories and create documents for making status of especially protected natural territories(such as nature reserves, natural landmarks, etc.).ThenthesedocumentsaregivenintotheMinistry of natural management and ecology of the Republic of Karelia.Afteraccomodationsandecologicalinspectionthe newespecially protected natural territory(SPNT) is created after a time.

What arethe frontier forests?Theyarevirginforests, whichwereminimallyinvolvedin economic activity through their history,clean cuttings have never been navigated in such forests. Theageoftreescanrun at several hundreds of years. Andtheforestsaremucholder.Manyspeciesofplantsandanimalsliveonlyonthesenaturalterritories,theyarerareandenteredin the Red Books.

Theaimoftheproject:tohelpinhabitantstosavevaluableforestareasalongtheriverPyalma (Pudozskiyregion, Karelia)for supporting ecological balance of the territory and traditional way of life.

Comment: Surviving forest area is greatly wider than water protection area and и spawning protection area. Furthermore, water protection area prohibits just clean cuttings and allows selective cutting.

Our activity: 

To launch an expedition with the help of scientists (in moss, mushrooms, lichens, higher plants, insects, birds, ecology of forest) and inhabitants.According to results of expedition scientific and popular science materials will be created:

1) scientific support for creating especially protected natural territory (SPNT)

2) fotogallery of natural landmarks,

3) video clip,

4) website,

5) article for the local newspapers of Pudozskiy region and Karelian internet mass media.

Scientificsupportwillbegiventothe specialized Ministry this autumn.

Andwemakepracticalmaterialstoshoweverybody who is interested in virgin nature of our region (inhabitants including pupils, and tourists engaged by the travelling in the forests of Karelia)  thebeautyandunicityofthese places.

Why it is of interest at this time:

1.  In January, 2014,we were able to conclude an agreement withwood and paper companyabout a moratorium on logging in this territory.

2.  Inhabitants of an ancient village Pyalma are interested in protection of forests along the river for conservation of accumulation of water and fishery. Inhabitants are ready to help us – give participants of expedition places to live, see to fieldworks, participate in discussion of the project of SPNT to combine saving of the forests and interests of inhabitants in this project.


170 thousands of rubles


Name of expense

Sum, kRUR

Preparation and launching the scientific expedition


Making scientific support for creating especially protected natural territory “Pyalma river”


Making popular science materials




Please, supporttheproject, tellfriendsandshare links on your pages!

Your support will help to save unique valuable forests along the river, important for inhabitants.Thanking you in anticipation for your help!

Author’s website http://spok-karelia.ru/



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